Why use an IPAM for Linux in your company?

Having become commonplace with the introduction of many electronic devices, Linux is a mostly free software package. Used by computers and then accessible to Android, it offers several advantages. These are outlined in this article along with some tools for Linux. Let's discover them!

Many advantages offered

With this concept, we must first mention the free availability of several programs, the availability of several free updates. Although its programs are free, they are of impeccable quality. They are also more economical and give fame to your structure. Indeed, the costs are considerably reduced after exploiting the potential of your structure. It is a solid concept that provides optimal management of your IP addresses. Finally, it ensures perfect prevention against various attacks that could befall your company. Let's discover some quality tools for Linux. See this site https://www.usefull-stuff.com/ for information.

Some powerful tools for Linux.

"phpIPAM" the first in our list is an application developed to manage IP addresses, very light and not complex for users. It is developed with PHP, AJAX and JQuery. As features, it manages IPv6, IPv6 addresses. It has a module to request an IP. It also manages VLANs and supports searches in your IP database. Finally, it automatically analyses the subnets and checks the IP status. "GestiĆ³ IP" is a powerful tool for managing IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. It is a free software with a premium version at your disposal. As features, it fully supports IPv6 and ipv4. With this software you can consider a fraction, increase or decrease of the networks safely. "Solarwinds" the last one on our list is automatic and high end. Not free, it automatically tracks your IP addresses.