Activities of a general practitioner

Activities of a general practitioner

The general practitioner at the service of humanity.  It exercises essential functions in the field of health and or well-being of a nation.  Let's learn more about these main activities.

Main activities of a general practitioner

In his office, on a daily basis, he is confronted with health issues and patients whom he begins by listening to better examine them.  He examines questions about pain, history, lifestyle and professional or personal problems, then a directed clinical examination to understand the origin of symptoms found in the interview.  The relationship of trust between the doctor and his patient is essential, in particular with isolated people.

The doctor then makes his diagnosis and prescribes treatment or even specific examinations (x-rays, analyzes, etc.).  He can also refer his patient to a specialist doctor, for example a dermatologist or a cardiologist.  The general practitioner has an important role in the prevention and treatment of pathologies.  It thus helps to reduce the risk of illnesses or subsequent complications by providing information, questions and appropriate advice.  This is the case, for example, in the fight against smoking, alcoholism and screening for certain infections

Where does he carry out these activities?

The profession of general practitioner can be practiced in town offices, in homes and in health centers, or even in certain health establishments.  This profession is generally carried out in large hospitals or in treatment offices authorized by law.  Not anyone gets up to perform these activities, but only those have received proper training.

It should be remembered that the doctor exercises several activities which contribute to the well-being of the whole of humanity and which it is not advisable to have anyone treat and do not.