The general practitioner and health prevention

In the field of health, the general practitioner is in great demand. It has an important place in the well-being of the population in terms of health. Let's discover the place of the general practitioner in health prevention.

The generalist in health prevention

Health prevention? Health prevention constitutes all the preventive actions carried out with the aim of avoiding or reducing the appearance, development and severity of accidents, illnesses and disabilities, which may affect all or part of the population.
Preventing helps to provide a rewarding, stress-free work environment conducive to positive development and enriching human resources.
At the first point of entry into the care pathway, the general practitioner occupies a central, essential but difficult place. According to the latest studies, they are in contact with the majority of the population and therefore play a predominant role in identifying patients with whom preventive actions may be necessary.

Well-conducted preventive actions on cardiovascular risks, vaccination, risky behavior, and mental disorders can have a positive effect on the quality of life of patients and especially on their disability-free life expectancy.
The place of the general practitioner is also essential because many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of early detection and preventive actions in health.

Encountered difficulties

In daily practice in the office, it is sometimes difficult to take the time for prevention because a consultation with a general practitioner frequently combines several reasons for consultation.

The place of prevention and screening in general medicine is little valued by the public authorities, although these are often long interviews.

Health Insurance offers preventive health examinations but they are carried out in dedicated centers and some patients are hampered by the trip to be made and the time required to submit to them.
The general practitioner is essential in health prevention despite certain difficulties.