Top 4 most beautiful lakes in Africa

Lakes are very popular tourist sites because of their beauty. In Africa, there are some very large ones that attract a good number of people. However, which are the most beautiful lakes in Africa? Here are the top 4 most beautiful lakes in Africa.

Lake Rose in Senegal

Still called Lake Retba, Lake Rose is located in northern Senegal. This lake is nicknamed "pink" because of its color which makes its beauty. The Pink Lake is one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Africa. Indeed, it constitutes the fundamental resource of Senegal in terms of tourist wealth. More information on the link

In addition to being appreciated for its aesthetics, Lake Rose contains an enormous amount of salt for Senegal's economy.

Lake Kyoga in Uganda

Lake Kyoga is part of the Great Lakes of Africa. Its depth is about 4 meters. But, what makes its beauty and attracts tourists is elsewhere. Indeed, one finds within this lake real islands of papyrus as well as water hyacinths. Also, the lake has many water lilies of very large sizes.

The Malawi-Tanzania-Mozambique lake

Bringing together several African countries, this lake is the third largest lake in Africa. It is very visited because of its beauty based on its aquatic fauna. The fish in this lake are very beautiful colors, colors of all kinds. What makes the lake even more interesting is the varied and amusing behavior of the fish.

Thus, it is the beauty of the fish that seems to make the Malawi-Tanzania-Mozambique lake.

Lake Victoria

This lake unites Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Recognized as the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria was named after Queen Victoria. This beautiful lake includes the islet of Ligingo.

The beauty of the lake has prompted a documentary film called: "Darwin's Nightmare". This documentary did not fail to talk about the beauty of this lake.