What is a Youth Council?

The purpose of the youth council is to provide expertise in youth policy and to assist the Local Board in:

  • Developing and recommending local youth employment and training policy and practice
  • Broadening the youth employment and training focus in the community to incorporate a youth development perspective
  • Establishing linkages with other organizations serving youth in the local area
  • Taking into account a range of issues that can have an impact on the success of youth in the labor market.

The WIA of 1998 sets guidelines on who should be members of the Youth Council.

The membership of each youth council must include:

  • members of the local board with special interest or expertise in youth policy
  • representatives of youth service agencies, including juvenile justice and local law enforcement agencies
  • representatives of local public housing authorities
  • parents of eligible youth seeking assistance under this subtitle
  • individuals, including former participants, and representatives of organizations, that have experience relating to youth activities
  • representatives of the Job Corps, as appropriate

The youth council may also include other individuals as the chairperson of the local board, in cooperation with the chief elected official, determines to be appropriate.

The NWDB has the goal of developing a Youth Council that is truly representative of the area and participants that it serves.  It is our goal to exceed the federally mandated requirements by bringing on Youth Council members that also represent:

  • Each county within our service area.
  • Members of the local business community
  • Representatives of various educational institutions (High School, Community College, Traditional 2 and 4 year universities)
  • Advocates for each category of participant eligibility.

How do Youth Council Members actually contribute?

  • Youth Council members are encouraged to offer ideas and recommendations for agenda items.
  • Youth Council members are encouraged to make presentations about the services they provide.
  • If there is a service offered outside of the region, members are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the Youth Council so that it may be studied, reviewed and replicated in the NWDB region.
  • Developing portions of the local plan related to youth.
  • Based on competitive proposals, will recommend youth services Contractors To the NWBD for approval.
  • Recommend and oversee demand driven youth activities in the area.
  • Sharing information about youth initiatives underway in the region.
  • Identifying issues and challenges relating to current youth programs/activities
  • Developing goals and objectives for in‐school and out‐of‐school youth to include in the NWDB Workforce Development Plan
  • Assisting with the development and content of marketing, web-presence, and social media outlets to promote programs and educate youth and community members.
  • Helping develop, approve, and monitor implementation of strategies for youth
  • Helping develop, approve, and monitor implementation of growth for youth programs
  • Helping develop, approve, and monitor implementation plans for pilot programs for service to specific segments of the youth population
  • Provide monthly committee reports to the NWDB.
  • Carrying out other duties as assigned by the NWDB chair

The Youth Council Currently meets on the second Tuesdays of each month at 3:00 pm.  To find out more information or to attend one of our meetings, please contact the NWDB Youth Services Coordinator.