Kayla (Chowan) – Kayla enrolled in the NWDB Youth Program as a junior at John A. Holmes High School.  She had fallen behind in her school work, was in the alternative school, and not scheduled to graduate for another year and a half.  The NWDB WIA Youth program provided Kayla with tutoring to improve her reading and math and soft skills development classes to improve her employability.  Because of those services and her own hard work, she was able to recover all of her required credits and graduate with her original class a full year ahead of schedule.  She is currently enrolled at COA with plans to pursue a degree in nursing.  Kayla said “I never thought I would get this far.”  She now realizes that she can become successful with hard work and a little help.  Thank you for letting the NWDB Youth Program team help you Kayla.   We are all so very proud of you.



Kandi- (Hyde) – Kandi came to the NWDB Youth Program because she had a problem.  Due to a miscalculation of earned credits to date, she was not going to be able to graduate on time and with the rest of her class.  When the Youth Training and Employment Specialist (YTES) first met Kandi, she felt frustrated and defeated.  After sitting down with Kandi and her family, the YTES and the school partnered to create a plan of action that allowed Kandi to make up her credits and complete her senior year of high school on-time.  While this plan required that Kandi would have to dedicate a lot of her free time to making up for the missing credits, Kandi decided that she was going do whatever it took to walk across the stage with her friends as part of her graduating class.  Between January and May, Kandi with support and assistance from her YTES, completed two face to face classes in a traditional school setting, 6 online courses at her own pace using self-guided instruction, and all of her senior project requirements including community service hours and a presentation on her chosen career field of Early Childhood Education.  Her positive attitude and perseverance has enabled her to reach her goals and have continued to serve her well after graduation.  Since graduating, she has obtained employment and is working on a regular basis. She is currently registering to attend Pitt Community College in the fall for an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood and working on a 100 hour work experience with a local day care provider to gain experience in her chosen field.  Kandi is looking forward to the next chapter of her life and is excited about what her future holds.  The NWDB Youth Program team was honored to be able to assist you in reaching your goals Kandi, and we look forward to seeing what your bright future holds.


Victoria (Gates) – Victoria, a single mother, contacted the NWDB Youth Program after hearing about the program from her local high school guidance counselor.  Victoria wanted to finish high school and one day become a registered nurse. With help from the NWDB Youth Program, Victoria was able to overcome her obstacles and not only complete her GED, but the Nurse Aide I course as well.  The NWDB Youth Program provided Victoria with transportation assistance, tutoring, and perhaps most importantly, support and encouragement to reach her goals.  The NWDB Youth Program also partnered with Albemarle Hospice to provide Victoria with a paid internship so that she could get some real work experience that will help her get jobs in the future.  Victoria is currently working full-time and attending College with the hope of gaining entrance into the Nursing Program in the Spring.  Great Job Victoria, we are proud of you and all of your many accomplishments!